Tech Gift Ideas for Christmas

Before you know it, Christmas will be here. People will be opening presents, and filling up on great food. If you are still looking for gifts, here are some really cool tech gift ideas for Christmas. If you want more info, click directly on the link associated with the item.

Amazon Kindle Fire 7

Amazon’s Kindle Fire is a great tablet – It’s simplistic, and can hold many books. While some people think that it’s just for reading, the Kindle Fire is actually a good traditional tablet. You can play music, get online, and of course, read books.

Amazon Kindle Fire 7

Wireless Charging Pad

Wireless is awesome. Not only is it great for lazy people, but it helps keep down on the cords. If you are going to buy one of these, just make sure you get one that is compatible with the correct phone.

A Smart Watch

There are many smart watches, and most of them are good. Smart watches allow you to get notifications right on your wrist, check your twitter/Facebook, see who is calling you, and so much more. Of course, make sure you get one that will work with the correct phone. Did i mention it’s also a watch?

LG G Watch

A Keyboard

They might already have a keyboard, but every computer user knows that terrible feeling of spilling a drink on the keys, and they stop working. If they have an extra keyboard, they can just switch them out quickly. I think i might have had to replace my keyboards at least 10 times.

Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000

USB Thumbdrives

You can never have enough of these. USB Thumbdrives work well for storing pictures, music, and other files. It’s less that you have on your computer, and you can take them anywhere you go.

SanDisk Cruzer C636 – 32GB

Portable USB Phone Charger

Everyone should have one of these. With a portable USB phone charger, you can charge your phone anywhere without an outlet. Of course, the actual charger has to be charged in your computer. There are times i have had a dead battery and i just pulled out one of these.

EasyAcc 10000maH Portable Charger

Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers are awesome, because they can be hidden in other rooms and you can send farts from your phone. You connect them directly to your phone/tablet/computer, and can play any audio directly to the speaker.

Kinivo ZX100 Mini Portable Speaker





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