My Top Reasons Why PC Gaming Is #1

When it comes to gaming, most people choose to play on a console. About 6 months ago, I bought myself a gaming PC. Ever since then, I have decided to never buy a console again. Below I have listed my top reasons that I believe the PC is the #1 gaming machine.

This post is not intended to flame any console gamers There is nothing wrong with console gaming, It’s just my choice to play on my computer.

#1 – Better Frames Per Second

Most consoles never get the amount of frames per second that PC’s do. While games such asĀ  GTAV usually have a maximum of 30fps, there is no maximum frames per second on PC. I remember today that i was playing Life is Strange at 70 frames per second.

#2 – Better Deals and Savings

On my PC, I use software called Steam to download and manage my gaming library. The best part of this software is the amount of deals it has – during events like Christmas, the Steam Store can have up to 1,000 titles on sale, sometimes even more.

#3 – Don’t have to worry about backwards compatibility

Back when I had a PS3, I was very upset that I could not play my Playstation 2 games on it. However, on PC, you don’t ever have to worry about this.

#4 – You can upgrade your computer

Usually when newer console games come out that need more power, they will be released on the “Next Generation Consoles”. However on PC, you don’t ever have to fully replace the entire computer. You just need to buy specific parts, which can be cheaper than an entire console.

#5 – The PC has “true” 1080p visuals.

Most people don’t know this, but game developers on the Xbox and Playstation hardly ever make games in 1080p. When I had a PS3, the highest gaming settings I could remember were 720p. Most computer’s are able to push video up to 1080p, as long as you have a HD monitor.

#6 – Never ending storage.

While console gamers can struggle with storage options, your computer has unlimited solutions. Even if you are out of space, you can take your games and run them on a separate hard drive, if they support it (Most of them do).


Justin Losurdo is the founder of TheTechDogs. He likes to play video games, annoy his two dogs, and eat lots of ice cream. Sometimes too much.

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