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My Top Reasons Why PC Gaming Is #1

When it comes to gaming, most people choose to play on a console. About 6 months ago, I bought myself a gaming PC. Ever since then, I have decided to never buy a console...

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My Most Wanted The Sims 4 Features

Now that I have finally started to play The Sims 4 again, I feel like it is missing some important game concepts. Here is a list of my most wanted Sims 4 features. First...

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Stranded Deep Gameplay

Stuck on an Island after your plane crashes, you must fight to survive. You will fight the weather, sharks, and so much more in this game.


The User’s Game of the Year Is..

About a week ago, We asked our users what their favorite game of 2014 was. Now that the year is over, Its time to close the polls. So, what game was your favorite? Oddly...

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TheTechDogs Must Have Steam Sales

Ever since i bought my gaming computer, i have spent an unhealthy amount of money on video games. I’m in trouble, as the thanksgiving steam sales are now here. Here is a list of...