Target Removing GTA V From Shelves

It seems like Grand Theft Auto is always getting in trouble. Today, Grand Theft Auto V has come under fire again, from people who despise violent video games. In Australia, Target has made the decision to stop selling Grand Theft Auto V on thier shelves. The decision came after many people were complaining about how the game depicted women, and how the game also had a massive amount of violence against women. In a statement, Jim Cooper, the manager of Target Australia said that

“We’ve been speaking to many customers over recent days about the game, and there is a significant level of concern about the game’s content. While these products often contain imagery that some customers find offensive, in the vast majority of cases, we believe they are appropriate products for us to sell to adult customers. However, in the case of GTA V, we have listened to the strong feedback from customers that this is not a product they want us to sell.”

Many stores have also tried to go against violent games in the past, however it never seemed to work. A vast majority of the gaming market is violent games, and Grand Theft Auto V is a best seller. Removing the game from the shelves will only hurt the company, as it will be taking away sales of the game. Grand Theft Auto has already sold millions of companies, and has made Rockstar Games a million dollar company.

In the end, we must remember that violent video games are not the primary source of violence, and there is many other things that could be influencing violence, including movies and television shows.

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