Justin’s Blog: Too much Turkey

As you can probally tell from the title, thanksgiving is over and i ate way to much turkey. So much in fact that i might grow gizzards. In other news, i am going to college 4 days a week and my brain might explode. Im taking six classes,and most of them are extremely boring. The only ones that i really enjoy are accounting and C++ programming. Of course, programming os my favorite. The professor is cool, and i really enjoy programming any language. Im starting to think that i might take a career in programming.

Outside of college, i bought a new computer a few weeks ago. Its the acer predator, and its super fast. It plays tons of games, all,on maximum settings. Right now i am playing Far Cry 4 and replaying Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.

If you are a previous viewer of this blog before it closed, you might know that i have 2 dogs. They are awesome, except they are always farting. Also, i recently helped watch my aunts dog for a few weeks. He is leaving soon.

Well, i think thats all i have. If you like, dont forget to like us on facebook, because I WOULD REALLY LIKE THAT

(You know who you are, haha)




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