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TheTechDogs Will Return Soon

If you are a follower of our website, you may notice that we haven’t been posting articles that often. There is a reason for this, which i will outline for you. So for what...

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Some Cool Things to Do With NFC

A few days ago, I bought some NFC tags. I originally didn’t know what to do with them, but now that I have had time to play around with them, the possibilities are endless....

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Vlog #2 – My Dog is Wierd

The Vlog series is back! Vlogs are usually uploaded when I remember to record. I do not use recycled material, all videos are created on the same day.


The User’s Game of the Year Is..

About a week ago, We asked our users what their favorite game of 2014 was. Now that the year is over, Its time to close the polls. So, what game was your favorite? Oddly...

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Review

Yes, that’s right. About a week and a half ago I finally got my hands on a Samsung Galaxy S3, and I am very impressed by the devices overall performance. The reason I got...

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Roku HD Review

Recently, I picked up the ROKU HD at Walmart for $58.00. I took it home, and made up an unboxing video for it. It is now about a week after, and my opinions on...

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Samsung ST-201 Review

Recently, I went looking for a new camera. After I waited in line for about two hours, I got the Samsung ST-201 camera. This camera’s original list price is $160. I got it on...