Let’s Forget About Passwords

If you are like me, you have way too many passwords. You have one for Google, one for Facebook, and so on. The real question is why are we still using passwords? Today, there is other solutions. Recently, i came across a software called CLEF. The idea behind this software is that you use your phone to log-in to any CLEF supported website, and choose how long to stay signed in for. Rather than having a password, CLEF takes advantage of your phones camera. On any supported website, you basically scan a bar code with the camera, and you are logged in.

Sadly, this service is not well known and as far as i know, it only is available for WordPress at the moment. Their implementation is great, and i keep wondering why other sites aren’t taking advantage of tools like this. They don’t necessarily need to use this app, but they should allow for other forms of login, such as facial recognition, or even a bar code system like CLEF uses.

Passwords are just not that secure. Sure, your password might be good, but way too many people use easy-to-guess passwords such as “1234” and “password1″. Even i will admit that the password for my phone is just 4 numbers. Many sites such as GoDaddy make you use strong passwords, which is a great idea. However, i feel like sooner or later we must remove the password.

Facial Recognition would actually be a great tool, however many people would worry that they were storing each picture that the website takes. The idea of scanning bar codes is cool, but the fact is that people could even take a picture of the bar code and make a website believe someone is logging in.

So, what would be the best password replacement? I think that a fingerprint scanner would be the best way. No two people in the universe have the same fingerprint, and you can easily buy one on Amazon for $50. Even retinal scanners would work, however i don’t see that happening anytime soon.


Justin Losurdo is the founder of TheTechDogs. He likes to play video games, annoy his two dogs, and eat lots of ice cream. Sometimes too much.