Twitter Fighting Online Harrasement

Sadly, many people who get online feel that it’s their job to harass people.  However, Twitter is fighting against harassment on their platform. Today, Twitter has released some new tools for reporting people who send you hateful messages or abuse you in some way. The new set of tools allows users to report things such as impersonations, harassment, and even self harm. These tools should help cut down on cyber bullying on Twitter, as well as disturbing messages. Additionally, users can also report a case where someone else is being harassed, in case one person is afraid to ask for help.

In a world where many people on the internet are being bullied, or doing the bullying, this is great step for the company. Most companies don’t have a set policy on online bullying, and won’t do much. Facebook has a set of tools for dealing with internet harassment, but you don’t hear many stories about them dealing with it.

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